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    International B2B Meeting on Technology and Equipment hosted by CDMIA Reply Form – VVIP Exhibitors

    2020/03/09 15:58
    June 12, 2020
    National Exhibition and
    Convention Center
    (Shanghai Hongqiao)

    Die & Mould China 2020 --
    The 20th  China International Exhibition on 
    Die and  Mould  Technology and Euqipment
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    International B2B Meeting on Technology and Equipment hosted by CDMIA
    Reply Form – VVIP Exhibitors    (D form)

    With the wave of innovation on digital and intelligent manufacturing, industrial chain integration, service-oriented manufacturing, and new materials, China's die and mould industry has entered a new era of high-quality development. "The 20th China International Exhibition on Die and Mould Technology and Equipment (DMC 2020)" will focus on intelligent design, digital manufacturing technology and information management system technology of die and mould, and build a technology integration and collaborative innovation environment under the guidance of the market. Die and mould enterprises will purchase more advanced equipment and more effective technology to improve efficiency and upgrade products. DMC 2020 will be held in Hall 3, Hall 4.1 and Hall 5.1 of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) from June 10 to 14, 2020.  The meetings on following features will be held - "lean manufacturing equipment and automation and intelligent manufacturing technology", "effective usage of materials and consumables", "intelligent design and integrated forming technology and die and mould ". The meetings aim to form an interactive platform for display and procurement, based on the application of more high-end precision processing equipment and more advanced manufacturing technology to further expand the application of new technology, and rely on the application of advanced manufacturing equipment and technical software to speed up the pace of die and mould product optimization. The meetings aim to support die and mould design and manufacturing, actively present high-quality technical solutions for customers in manufacturing system building and technical service capacity, improve quality and efficiency and reduce cost for die and mould manufacturing, and enhance optimization level of die and mould industry.

    The Hall 3 focuses on precision equipment, the Hall 4.1 focuses on injection moulds and material forming, and the Hall 5.1 focuses on stamping dies and heat treatment. The exhibition scale reaches 100, 000 square meters, and more than 1,000 well-known exhibitors in the field of manufacturing technology and forming equipment globally will gather together in DMC 2020. The exhibition has more than 100,000 pieces of information and data. The previous exhibitions attract a large number of professional visitors every year. DMC has been the largest trade platform in Asia Pacific region focusing on precision machining, die and mould manufacturing and forming technology. The exhibition has effectively promoted the technological innovation and equipment capability improvement of die and mould industry and upstream and downstream related industries.

    The featured B2B procurement and matchmaking meetings have two sessions including die and mould with upstream technology and products, and die and mould with downstream customers.

    B2B procurement and matchmaking meeting on technology and equipment - for DMC exhibitors.

    ◆ B2B procurement and matchmaking meeting on die and mould –the specialized meeting for the effective demand and supply matchmaking between die and mould companies and downstream customers, and the meeting will be organized separately.

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    Featured Types
    □Intelligent manufacturing of die and mould, automation unit, field bus
    □Integration of die and mould forming
    □Die and mould intelligent design and simulation forming
    □Die and mould materials
    □Efficient tools,
    reducing consumption and cost, and  green manufacturing
    □Special machining technology
    Provided by Exhibitors
    □technical integration solutions (software) 
    □intelligent machining optimization
    □automatic control device
    □automatic debugging field bus
    □metal forming
    □rubber and plastic forming
    □forming process
    □forming equipment
    □intelligent design of die and mould
    □simulation forming
    □die and mould material supplier service
    □new die and mould materials
    □cutting tools
    □electrical machining
    □laser processing
    □3D additive manufacturing
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    Buyer Industries
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    Reply to : China Die and Mould Industry Association
    Contact:Mr. Ge Jingjing   Tel:010-8835 6467    Fax:010-8835 6461   Email:shichangzixun@cdmia.com.cn
    Note:The schedule of B2B meeting on June 12, 2020 will be issued in further notice.
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