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    Group Standards of China Die and Mould Industry Association (CDMIA)

    2021/05/07 10:26
    The group standards of CDMIA, T/CDMIA, are proposed and compiled by CDMIA according to the demand of market and innovation through organizing and coordinating the market entity of the die and mould industry and related industries. T/CDMIA group standards are also unified managed, independently formulated and issued by CDMIA, and provides for the society to voluntarily adopted. T/CDMIA group standards have been registered in China's national standards organization. T/CDMIA group standards are positioned as market-oriented and Innovative leading standards. T/CDMIA group standards focus on the transformation of scientific research achievements, concentrate on leading technology, collaborative standards, and integrated standards; T/CDMIA group standards focus on life cycle management standards, aim at promoting advanced standards of die and
    mould industry chain, focus on the overall evaluation of die and mould enterprises, enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of die and mould enterprises, and promote the coordination of die and mould standards with upstream and downstream industries. Actively promote safety and green manufacturing standards, skills improvement and training standards; actively participate in  international associations (societies) exchanges and cooperation regarding group standards.
     T/CDMIA group standards were released on China National Standards Information Platform and on the official website of CDMIA.
    CDMIA has Standardization Work Committee, which is responsible for the establishment and revision of the T/CDMIA group standards. The Secretariat of the Standardization Work Committee is set in the Secretariat of CDMIA.
    National positioning of group standards: To establish a new type of standards system combined with government-led general standards formulation (Regulation Authority: Standards Technology Regulation Dept. of the State Administration for Market Regulation) and market-oriented specific standards formulation (Regulation Authority: Standards Innovation Regulation Dept. of the State Administration for Market Regulation) for further coordination and coordinated development.
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