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    2021 Annual Brief Report by CDMIA

    2022/01/05 14:29
    In 2020, As the largest die & mould manufacturing country in the world, the production value of China's die & mould industry reached 310 billion yuan, accounting for more than one-third of the world's die & mould market.
    As the world’s largest die & mould consumer, the die & mould consumption value of China is 280 billion yuan, supporting the amount of 32 trillion product forming and manufacturing. The die & mould consumption of China also accounts for about one-third of the world's total share.
    The overall trend in 2021 will continue the trend in 2020. From the first three quarters, The export value is growing positively, while imported value are still showing a downward trend.According to the ranking of export destination countries (decreasing order), 1. The United States 2. Germany 3. Japan 4. India 5. Vietnam 6. Thailand. Importing countries rank (decreasing order) 1. Japan 2. Germany 3. South Korea. Generally speaking, the ranking has changed little in recent years, which can be said to be a stable trend.However,the profitability of die & mould companies is decreasing , and business investment has slowed down.(The 2021 data will be released after the president meeting around April 2022)
    CDMIA Activities
    1. The 21st International Exhibition on Die & Mould Technology and Equipment (Die & Mould China 2021) was successfully held, and China Die & Mould Industry Conference has promoted dual-circulation and the development of digital information.
    Die & Mould China 2021 took place at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)on Jun 29, 2021. The exhibition area was about 60,000 square meters, attracting some 600 exhibitors. Exhibition hall 3H showcased precision equipment, and hall 4H exhibited die & mould and forming technologies displayed by about 30 Die & Mould Societies and Associations at provincial and local levels in China. The exhibition demonstrated the complete supplying system, strong research & development capacity and momentum of China's die & mould industry.
    DMC2022 will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from Jun 15 to 18, 2022. Carbon Neutrality Expo and Shanghai International Green and Smart Mobility Exhibition will be held Concurrently with DMC 2022.Leveraging resources of the entire industrial chain, the three grand exhibitions will work together and integrate with concurrent forums and meetings to promote trade. Furthermore, the exhibition area of Additive Manufacturing(3D Printing) Technology will be set up at DMC2022. The Forum for Additive Manufacturing Technology & Laser Manufacturing Application will be held by CDMIA and CATA.
    2. Focusing on industry concerns, the annual China Die & Mould Industry Conference was held concurrently with DMC 2021.
    2021 China Die & Mould Industry Conference main session
    The “14th Five-Year” Development Program of Die & Mould Industry was approved.
    China Die & Mould International Cooperation and Import & Export Working Conference
    Chairman of ISTMA addressed keynote speech, analyzed China’s foreign trade policy, shared international and domestic die & mould market research reports, international automobile market research reports, and reports on the establishment of die & mould overseas marketing bases.
    The 4th Die & Mould Industry Digital Information Promotion Work Conference
    CDMIA shared the standard of “Evaluation Method for Digital Capacity of Die & Mould Enterprises” and the standard of “Evaluation Method for Automation Capacity of Die & Mould Enterprises”. At the same time, some standards have been published in English version.
    3. 6 Die & Mould Enterprises listed in 2021.
    1) Shentong Technology Group Co., Ltd. was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on Jan 20, 2021.
    2) Ningbo Zhenyu Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Mar 18, 2021.
    3) Tianjin Jinrong Tianyu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was listed on growth enterprise market (GEM) board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 12, 2021.
    4) Ningbo Fangzheng Tool Co., Ltd. was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Jun 2, 2021.
    5) Qingdao Hi-Tech Moulds Co. Ltd. was listed on growth enterprise market (GEM) board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Jul 2, 2021.
    6) Chaoda Equipment Co., Ltd. was listed on growth enterprise market (GEM) board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Dec 23, 2021.
    4.Seven member companies of CDMIA won the “22nd China Patent Award” by China National Intellectual Property Administration
    The China Patent Award is an award jointly established by China National Intellectual Property Administration and the World Intellectual Property Organization.
    5.The member company of CDMIA won the “4th China Quality Nomination Award” by State Administration for Market Regulation
    6. Three member companies of CDMIA won the “sixth batch of manufacturing single champion products” by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic China(MIIT)
    7. 23 member companies of CDMIA were selected as the third batch of “little giant” enterprises of China
    8. China Die & Mould Industry Association launched "The History of China Die & Mould Industry"
    9.CDMIA signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Ningbo bureau of economy and information technology
    The signing of the agreement will promote in-depth cooperation in the areas of standard system construction, innovation capability enhancement, brand building, and digitalization promotion between the two parties, and support to Ningbo's future-oriented manufacturing strength.
    10.China Die & Mould Industry Association and Kunshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone signed a cooperation agreement
    11.The National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Base (moulding) in Huangyan  was recognized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China
    12.CDMIA and Shanghai Jiaotong University Press signed the “strategic cooperation agreement”.
    Based on "mould Technology" magazine - the journal of the CDMIA, carries out strategic cooperation.
    13. In 2021, five T/CDMIA standards have been issued and four standard projects have been established. The standard involves evaluation standards such as T/CDMIA A003-2021 Capability Evaluation Method for Die & Mould Steel Suppliers, T/CDMIA A004-2021 Assessment Methods for the Digitization Capability of Die & Mould Enterprises, T/CDMIA A005-2021 Assessment Methods for the Automation Capability of Die & Mould Enterprises, etc. There are also technological Standards, such as T/CDMIA B005-2021 Technical Specifications for the Selective Laser Melting Forming of Die & Mould Components, T/CDMIA B006-2021 Technical Specifications for the Laser Engraving of Texture on Die & Mould Components and other industry standards urgently needed.
    14.Beijing Jingdiao Cup" Die & Mould Competition
    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security sponsors national competitions
    Competition set up for sub-competitions: stamping die, injection mould, die-casting die.
    Five categories:Staff group: staff injection mould, staff die-casting die, staff stamping die (general direction), staff stamping die (body direction),Teacher group: stamping die.
    The competition schedule consists of three parts: theory examination, CAD/CAE and processing practice.
    Due to the impact of the Covid-19, the 2021 "Beijing Jingdiao Cup" die & mould competition finals will be postponed to the first quarter of 2022.
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